FRIENDS Friday – 7/20

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I hope you’re having a great Friday and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Our FRIENDS Friday celebration today comes from our Peabody school. A few weeks ago that school’s Education Coach, Keri Anderson, sent me this inspiring recognition of two fantastic mentor teachers:

“We had the pleasure of onboarding Eileen G. (New Hire for Medford) for two days at Peabody in early June. I paired her up with two of our mentor teachers. Kelsie M. (Lead Infant Teacher) and Erin S.
(Lead Toddler Teacher), both of these ladies have grown so much and continue to blow us out of the water with how much they want to learn. Both Erin and Kelsie have embraced the FRIENDS values and have weaved them into their everyday practice. The “Real Passion” is the evident FRIENDS value that stands out in this circumstance. We are so proud of them and sing their praises when we can. Although, praises coming from us (Aimee and I) are different then coming from a peer and a new hire at that. Eileen is a joy herself and I see a bright future here at Little Sprouts for her. Here is the letter Eileen sent to me this morning.

Dear Little Sprouts in Peabody,
I am writing to you because I was so impressed with how Erin and Kelsie took the time to train with me during my on-boarding orientation. They encouraged me to learn all about Little Sprouts and the goals they set out for us to help the children grow and develop into the amazing students that they are.
They are so knowledgeable and well educated and will make great E.C’s one day.
If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have known how amazing little sprouts really is.
Thanks again

Wow! There is so much to love about this message. Certainly, the Real Passion of these fabulous mentor teachers, but also the thoughtful recognition from a new friend who will be a part of the team launching our Medford school in a few short weeks.

Thanks, Kelsie and Erin, for living our values! And, a belated welcome, Eileen, to the Little Sprouts family!


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