Musical Sprouts

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Check out the Little Sprouts song by Aaron Nigel Smith

Musical Sprouts is our hallmark music program developed specifically for Little Sprouts. A distinct blend of music therapy and educational techniques help students achieve developmental milestones through song, sign language, instruments, and movement.

Our music therapy team focuses primarily on advancing children’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language development through activities that support the weekly curriculum. Through playful fun with purpose, our Musical Sprouts program hums, whirrs, clicks, and rattles with excitement!

Because we fundamentally believe in music therapy as an enhanced learning technique, this program is accessible to all infant, toddler, preschool and pre-kindergarten classrooms and is included in the cost of tuition.

Musical Sprouts Philosophy

Music is an expressive medium that students and teachers can joyfully share together. Our music sessions highlight individual contributions, teach new life skills, and impact developmental growth through the act of making music. Our Musical Sprouts team provides high-quality musical experiences grounded in certified music therapy techniques.

Musical Sprouts in Classrooms

Certified music therapists are shared between our schools and visit each classroom on a rotating basis several times per month. Musical Sprouts aligns with classroom learning and curriculum themes across all age groups. We design developmentally appropriate activities around the Little Sprouts curriculum and the needs of individual classrooms, focusing specifically on infants, toddlers and preschool/pre-K.

Musical Sprouts Approach

Our Musical Sprouts lesson plans support classrooms through age-appropriate activities that nurture every individual child and meet each child at his or her level of development. Examples of the activities include:

  • Language development through call/response singing
  • Cognitive development through problem solving during musical experiences
  • Developing awareness of community and global themes such as the changing of the seasons, health care, animals, etc.
  • Physical development through the act of dancing and playing instruments
  • Social-emotional development through individual and group experiences
  • Self-awareness and social skills through participation in turn-taking and self-expressive activities

Musical Sprouts Benefits

Most children consider music fun and engaging, which is why each Musical Sprouts session contains a number of educational and developmental goals. Our music therapy team uses music as a tool to produce enjoyable, educational, and therapeutic experiences within our classrooms. As children expand their social, physical, and cognitive development through the act of making purposeful music, Musical Sprouts can also benefit children and classrooms in additional ways:

  • Reinforce and enhance current curriculum themes through varied media approaches
  • Address behavior management and special needs
  • Expand sensory experiences to cultivate sight, sound, and touch senses

We invite current and prospective families to join a local class of Musical Sprouts at any time. Come sing along with us!