Our Budding Scholars Approach to Early Education & Child Care

At Little Sprouts, our expert educators inspire children’s curiosity, creativity and ingenuity. Through a combination of play-based and guided activities, our curriculum fosters a passion for lifelong learning and discovery. Monthly themes offer exposure to a wide variety of topics throughout the year. Within every theme, weekly and daily lesson plans support the introduction of new skills and the practice of emerging skills.

Based on age-appropriate teaching methodologies, our Budding Scholars™ approach to learning is individualized for each child across four key areas: Citizen, Scholar, Mind, and Body.

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Children’s social-emotional development and ability to communicate with others is just as important as learning their ABCs and 123s. Little Sprouts focuses on teaching the value of community and relationships.


When it comes to language and literacy, our teachers encourage children’s joy of expression. Teachers plan intentional, individualized literacy activities to ensure children’s comprehension and set the stage for future academic success.


Our teachers plan an array of science, math, and artistic activities to build children’s cognitive development and problem-solving skills. Children have a natural sense of curiosity, which our teachers cultivate through inquiry-based learning.


Motor skills are practiced and refined to help children grow up strong, healthy, and capable. And, with at least one hour of physical activity each day, they’ll learn one of the best habits for healthy living.