Family Involvement: A Partnership Between Home and School

family involvement

Little Sprouts proudly encourages family involvement to enrich the connection between home and your child’s classroom. We welcome you into the school to discover the classroom experience firsthand, or join us at a school event to connect with your teachers and other families about your child’s joyful learning experiences. Many take-home materials and resources are available to families so that each new discovery and skill can also be celebrated at home.

Photo Emails & Texts

See them learn! Imagine receiving a photo of your child’s smiling face in the middle of your busy day. Even though you are apart, you know that your child is happy, safe and learning. At Little Sprouts, we are transforming the way parents engage with their child’s school. Photo and text updates keep you and your child connected so that you can share in the joy of their day. New discoveries, key milestones, and special moments are now all at your fingertips.

Lesson Plans You Can See

To discover your child’s daily learning experience, our lesson plans are conveniently available for your reading pleasure. From new words to sensory activities, you will walk away with lots of new ideas for discussion topics and activities you can also perform at home. With our Budding Scholars™ approach, laughter and learning become part of the lesson plan.

Songs & Sign Language

With songs and sign language practiced daily in the classroom, you may find yourself humming along to your child’s favorite tune or making signs to communicate. Your teachers will provide take-home materials so you can keep up with all of the songs and signs that excite and delight your child.

School Community Events

Each school is encouraged to plan events that reflect the needs of their own individual community. From Fall Festivals to Coffee Connections and Curriculum Nights, teachers and families have many opportunities to connect and share in the collective joy of the Little Sprouts experience. Have an idea? Share it with your Executive Director and join the planning committee!