Little Sprouts Toddler Classrooms

What our families are saying:

Now that my son is in toddler, he is learning so much. I’m amazed sometimes at the concepts he understands that I know I didn’t even teach him, so I know it’s from school.

Amy W., Little Sprouts Amesbury Toddler Parent

Toddler Classroom Philosophy

In the dynamic environment of our Little Sprouts toddler classrooms, children begin to acclimate to a schedule within a whole group setting. Through a combination of personalized instruction and small group time, teachers advance toddlers’ resourcefulness, critical thinking skills, and capacity for compassion. Our toddler child care approach includes a balance of child-directed and teacher-initiated opportunities. Hands-on learning and play keep toddlers actively engaged and continuously interested in understanding more about themselves, their friends and family, and the world around them.

A "Day in the Life" of Our Toddler Classrooms

Throughout the day, our toddler friends will experience:

  • Whole Group Circle

    Each day begins in a whole group circle to set the learning intention for the day. Throughout the day, toddlers reconvene as a whole group to practice and learn skills, interact with peers and educators, and reestablish focus.

  • Small Groups

    Small groups support the personalized care that toddlers need to encourage peaceful interactions, the freedom and safety to investigate, and the development of empathetic relationships. Two Budding Scholars™ small group activities are planned each day of the week.

  • Self-Help Skills

    As toddlers grow, they gain a more profound sense of independence and confidence in their abilities. New skills may include hand-washing, teeth brushing, self-feeding, mobility, fine motor coordination, and toilet training.

  • Play, Play, Play!

    At Little Sprouts, we deeply cherish play-based learning through playful interactions amongst peers, with teachers, and in independent settings. With open-ended materials, children are encouraged to explore, create, and question a variety of learning topics as they freely and imaginatively investigate the world around them. Mr. Rogers said it best when he declared, "Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."

  • Playground Time

    Our schools offer dedicated outdoor play space for toddlers to shake their sillies out and expend some of that seemingly limitless energy. Educators are encouraged to use the outdoor space for playtime and lesson enhancements. Weather-permitting, classrooms spend ample time outdoors enjoying the fresh air year-round.

  • Rest

    After lunch, a designated nap time helps children calm their bodies and rejuvenate.

Toddler Classroom Curriculum

Our toddler learning approach includes a balance of child-directed and teacher-initiated opportunities to guide their exploration of new themes, skills, routines, and language. Our toddler program nurtures the “I can do it!” mindset, while also helping toddlers understand their relationship to the environment and peers around them. In every classroom, our Budding Scholars™ approach is customized for each individual child across four key areas: Citizen, Scholar, Mind, and Body.