Child-Centered Learning We fundamentally believe that every child is unique and our program is designed to embrace and celebrate these extraordinary differences. See How We Learn View Our Classrooms Our focus is on customized learning.
Our classrooms and activities are
modified to meet the needs of
each individual child.
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Welcome to Little Sprouts Early Education & Child Care!

Little Sprouts is an award-winning network of preschools in New England. Every element of the Little Sprouts early education experience is part of our joyful mission to make children feel happy and parents feel confident. When we first opened Little Sprouts in 1982, we realized the importance of offering children an early start in play-based education and the remarkable impact it can have on their lifelong development. Each day, children engage in an array of activities designed to inspire learning, curiosity, and joy.

At our core, Little Sprouts offers a child-centric environment that will allow children to grow and develop safely, surrounded by love, with an emphasis on family connection and relationships.

How We Learn

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Our Classrooms

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Little Sprouts is nationally recognized for its excellence in child care and service.

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Little Sprouts is hiring qualified teachers, directors, and more. View available jobs.

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Kind. Loving. Intelligent. Creative. Compassionate.
Our teachers and leaders dedicate their careers to helping children learn, thrive, and grow.

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