Quality Standards

High-Quality Standards of Care at Every School

As a privately-owned company, offering the best early education and child care experience to families is of paramount importance at Little Sprouts. To ensure consistent, high-quality standards across all schools, members of the Little Sprouts executive team evaluate program practices firsthand on a quarterly basis. The results of these assessments support and strengthen the program experience for Little Sprouts families and children. This collaboration between school teams and management contributes directly to Little Sprouts’ distinguished reputation as a respected institution for the best early education and child care.

Quality Standards for School Operations

Operations evaluations assess standards pertaining to:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Required documentation
  • Health and safety
  • Classroom routines
  • Kitchen and food preparation
  • Playgrounds
  • Common spaces
  • And more!

Quality Standards for Early Education

Education evaluations assess standards pertaining to:

  • Curriculum fidelity and implementation
  • Lesson plans
  • Evidence of learning
  • Atmosphere and ambiance
  • Teacher-child interactions
  • Displays and postings
  • Teacher training hours
  • Coaching plans
  • Curriculum results (e.g., alphabet knowledge)
  • And more!