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Little Sprouts has engaged in a practice of Anti-Bias Early Education since opening our doors in 1982. As outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Anti-Bias Early Education is a philosophical and tactical approach to creating equitable, open, and nurturing spaces for all children and adults to learn, thrive, and grow.

Little Sprouts Anti-Bias Policy

Anti-Bias in Action

In order to create authentic, equitable and inclusive spaces, Little Sprouts continues to evaluate and evolve our policies, procedures, and approaches to help ensure that we model anti-racist behavior for our children and communities.

Little Sprout Professional Development

Professional Development

We offer regular - and fully - funded access to trainings, classes, materials, and resources for our educators and leaders to further explore and absorb anti-bias and anti-racism in early education.

Little Sprouts Daycare Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance

All members of our community sign a zero tolerance bullying contract upon enrollment or employment. Optimal learning environments must always include welcoming, safe places for people to be seen, heard, and appreciated.

Little Sprouts Inclusive Culture

Inclusive Culture

A critical piece of Anti-Bias Early Education is inviting families and children to share the cultural traditions and holidays practiced at home with our school community – by both celebrating them and educating about them.

Anti-Bias, Birthdays & Holidays

While at our schools, we do not prioritize or normalize any given holiday over another, we welcome families and children to share and suggest creative ways to teach others about what they celebrate and how they identify.

More on Anti-Bias Early Education

Little Sprouts Anti-Bias Holidays

Little Sprouts Anti-Bias Books

Books, Toys & Resources

The practice of Anti-Bias Education reinforces the importance of all children being able to see and recognize themselves and the makeup of their families in our school environment. Our dolls, books, and classroom materials reflect people of different colors, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Little Sprouts Anti-Bias Book List

Creating & Sustaining Antiracist Spaces

We recognize the critical part early education can play in dismantling systemic racism for our children, employees, and surrounding communities. While “antiracist” is a word you may not have found on our website or in any of our family or employee handbooks prior to 2020, we are committed to reflecting upon this important topic to drive change together. We are grateful for the present and intentional focus. We remain in constant evaluation of our tools, resources, materials, and lessons for historical or societal inaccuracies, harmful stereotypes, or unintentional bias or normalization of one culture, practice, or people over any other.