Little Sprouts Kindergarten Classroom

What our families are saying:

As a parent who is also in the field of Early Education, I can confidently say that choosing to enroll our son, Ryan, in the Little Sprouts Kindergarten Program was the best decision we could have made. I continue to be impressed with the curriculum and learning that takes place in the classroom each day.

Nicole B., Little Sprouts Haverhill Kindergarten Parent

Kindergarten Locations

Little Sprouts kindergarten is offered only at the following select schools (limited availability):
• Little Sprouts Amesbury
• Little Sprouts Andover
• Little Sprouts Haverhill
• Little Sprouts Lawrence

Full Day Kindergarten Classroom Philosophy

Our kindergarten classrooms are exceptional centers of cognitive development and learning dedicated to formal kindergarten lesson plans as we expertly prepare your child for first grade. Children enjoy lively and full days of discovery, questions, and skill development. Every day, students explore learning with purpose and practice as they begin to comprehend their own thought processes and the underpinnings of critical thinking. In a fun and motivating environment full of natural interactions and activities that prepare them for their learning journey ahead, kids become eager, active learners.

Why Choose Little Sprouts Kindergarten?

  • Across our communities, we consistently hear authentic testimonials and ratings from teachers and families about how impressively prepared Little Sprouts kindergarteners are upon entry into first grade – enthusiastic about learning, well-adjusted, and remarkably capable!
  • Our loving, passionate kindergarten teachers are rigorously trained and EEC qualified with higher education degrees.
  • Because our program is a full day kindergarten, there is no need for additional before- or after-school care.
  • Our child-to-teacher ratios are typically lower than public school districts, providing more personalized attention for your child.
  • For those already enrolled in our schools, a transition from daycare to kindergarten in our childcare setting offers the best of both worlds – children are able to prepare for grade school ahead, while also leaning on established responsive relationships with caregivers, making for a seamless and simple transition.

Kindergarten Classroom Curriculum

Our kindergarten curriculum explores themes and concepts around core areas essential to early learning. From writing and reading to math, science, music, and social studies, our kindergarteners enjoy investigating a variety of areas to inspire and shape a lifelong love of learning. In every classroom, our Budding Scholars™ approach is customized for each individual child across four key items: Citizen, Scholar, Mind, and Body.