Little Sprouts Infant Classrooms

What our families are saying about our Infant Daycare Progam:

Little Sprouts has been the best place my kids can attend. My kids wake up happy to go to school. They have learned so much! I’m proud to say my kids attended Little Sprouts!

Michelle G., Little Sprouts Andover Infant, Toddler Parent

Infant Classroom Philosophy

Welcome to the world, new friend! Little Sprouts infant classrooms foster an environment of safety, comfort, and security in a private early childhood setting. In classrooms filled with nurturing teachers, sensory discoveries, and new friends, we help babies thrive through age-appropriate and individualized interactions. We partner with you to develop an approach that is consistent with your family’s routine to ease the transition from home to school. During waking hours, infants are offered both individual and group lessons to stimulate senses and brain development and build core skills essential to self-discovery and empathy.

A "Day in the Life" of Our Infant Classrooms

Babies enrolled in our centers are off to a strong start! A typical day in daycare for our infants is full of hugs, cuddles, giggles and discovery:

  • Body Care

    Rest assured that babies are regularly fed (both bottles and solid food) and changed throughout the day to provide the ultimate comfort and care. Every feeding and changing is recorded so parents can understand the events of the day and ask questions.

  • Rest

    Growing bodies need time to rest and recuperate as they venture onwards along their growth journeys. Parents play an active role in developing nap schedules to maintain consistency between home and school.

  • Songs & Sign Language

    To add dimension to the concept of literacy, our creative teachers engage in singing and sign language throughout the day to emphasize language with children. Sign language can help pre-verbal children more effectively communicate with providers.

  • Oral Language

    Verbal mapping and activities around the spoken word aid children in the understanding of materials, conversations, and primary emotions. Childcare providers work with children daily to ensure they reach verbal milestones before advancing to our toddler classrooms.

  • Reading

    As teachers read to children, literary breadth expands through aural, verbal and print awareness. Books can also help children explore new concepts at age-appropriate levels.

  • Motor Skills

    From tummy time to the pincer grip, activities around gross and fine motor skills help infants strengthen large and small group muscle coordination.

  • Sensory

    Infants are incredibly receptive to various stimuli across many levels including sight, touch, and sound. We also have infant buggies to safely take strolls outside in the fresh air.

  • Socialization

    As infants age, they begin to comprehend connections with adults and peers. Classroom activities seek to further enhance the foundation for these social-emotional skills.

Infant Classroom Curriculum

Little Sprouts centers are so more than just daycare, our play-based approach to learning combines tender compassion with rousing daycare activities to inspire an atmosphere of love, joy, and growth. In addition to frequent hugs and smiles, infants are offered both individual and group lessons to stimulate brain development and build core skills essential to self-discovery and empathy. In every classroom, our Budding Scholars™ approach is customized for each individual child across four key areas: Citizen, Scholar, Mind, and Body.





Why Choose Little Sprouts?

Choosing a daycare center can be difficult. At Little Sprouts, we understand that families weigh daycare costs against safety, security, a strong early childhood education, and so much more. Parents that choose a licensed Little Sprouts school find that a private daycare approach provides the resources required for a robust early learning experience to best prepare children for kindergarten, unmatched from that of home childcare or other child care options. We invite you to see for yourself – schedule a tour and come play with us!