A Typical Day in Daycare at Little Sprouts

Let’s have some fun! When your little one arrives at school, an engaging day full of activities, games, songs, art, stories, outdoor play and more awaits them. From our nurturing infant daycare rooms, to our toddler rooms that are built to inspire curiosity, and our preschool rooms where kids thrive during preparation for kindergarten, all children enrolled at Little Sprouts return home at the end of the day with a growing fascination of the world around them.

  • morning-meeting

    Good Morning!

    Welcome to school, friends! After drop-off, we will seamlessly transition to your baby’s next need in our infant room: whether it’s time for a bottle, cuddles, or play, we’re ready to start the day with all of our little friends. Our toddler and preschool classrooms will begin with group circle, where we will review the day ahead and prepare for all of our planned activities. We’ll balance teacher-led activities for the entire classroom, as well as small-group rotations where toddlers will discover the importance of empathetic relationships and preschoolers will explore math, science, writing, sensory experiences and more.

  • All About PLAY

    No matter the age or classroom, our educational philosophy is cemented in play-based learning. Throughout the day, infants enrolled in our classrooms are making sensory discoveries, fine tuning motor skills, and developing oral language skills – all through classroom play and exploration. Guided by daily play activities carefully crafted by our teachers, our toddlers and preschoolers are encouraged to be always exploring, creating, and questioning. We will focus on a variety of monthly themes that will focus and inspire children, ensuring a full and diverse development experience for all.

  • nap time

    Rest and Recharge

    While babies will eat and rest as needed throughout the day, our toddler and preschool friends will enjoy social setting in both morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Children will learn to appreciate a healthy routine – from washing our hands, to locating our assigned seats and cleaning up and brushing our teeth. After lunch (and a morning full of fun!), a designated nap and quiet time will help children rejuvenate.

  • Open-Air Curriculum

    We embrace outdoor play year round – when the New England weather permits it! Infant buggies allow babies to enjoy the fresh air, while age-appropriate playgrounds for toddlers and preschoolers allow them to shake off their seemingly endless energy. With a focus on “open-air curriculum,” we’ll bring the outdoors inside with us whenever we can – be it sensory activities inspired by nature or even just opening the windows, our focus on the natural world is ongoing all year.

Questions? Let’s Chat!

Weighing all of the child care options available to you and choosing a daycare center can be an overwhelming process – we get it! Schedule a time to speak with one of our enrollment specialists – we would love to tell you more about an early childhood education at Little Sprouts, and help you take the first step in registering your child in our daycare.

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