Little Sprouts Summer Camp

Summer Programs

Little Sprouts is open year-round, continuing the fun and learning throughout the summer. Summer programs vary by age. With various weekly play themes, you can choose to come for one week or join the fun for them all!

Ages 5-6

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Ages 7-11

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Blooming Sprouts

Ages 5-6 Years Old

Blooming Sprouts is conveniently located at our Little Sprouts schools. Our Blooming Sprouts summer program experience is specifically designed to embrace our younger school age friends. Following the same themes as Big Sprouts, the age-appropriate activities are engaging, exciting, and collaborative. As children make new friends, they also gain new skills to help develop self-confidence and independence. Through games, crafts, experiments, and plenty of playground fun in the sun, our Blooming Sprouts summer friends form long-lasting connections throughout an exhilarating, memorable summer.

Program Information

Ages: 5-6 Years Old
Hours of Operation: Weekdays, 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Phone: (877) 977-7688

• Little Sprouts Amesbury
• Little Sprouts Andover
• Little Sprouts Haverhill
• Little Sprouts Lawrence
• Little Sprouts Methuen

Big Sprouts

Ages 7-11 Years Old

Big Sprouts is BIG on fun and BIG on summer learning and discovery! Big Sprouts offers programs designed to engage your child in active play and a wide variety of activities to continue summer learning, even while out of school. Where fun comes first, daily schedules are packed full of games, experiments, crafts, field trips, and outdoor adventures designed to keep them smiling all summer long. They will have so much fun, they won’t even know they’re learning!

Program Information

Ages: 7-11 Years Old
Hours of Operation: Weekdays, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM*
Phone: (877) 977-7688

• Little Sprouts Andover
• Little Sprouts Haverhill
• Little Sprouts Lawrence
• Little Sprouts Methuen

*Start and end times vary by location

Sample Summer Program Weekly Themes

Week 1: “The Incredible Sprouts”

Welcome all superheroes! Wear your favorite super hero gear for the week and get into character! Remember, super heroes are everyday people, too. Then, create your very own super hero, by making capes, cuffs and masks to outfit yourself to save the world!

Week 2: Red, White and YOU!

Remember the American Revolution with all that is red, white and blue. Play a game of flag tag relay or make your own family flags. Wear stars and stripes as you learn more about America’s forefathers and how you can be independent, too!

Week 3: Carnival Extravaganza

Is there anything more fun than a carnival? Let’s make our own! Create your own carnival art projects, carnival games, and more festive fun. Showcase your masterpieces at the end of the week!

Week 4: Games Galore

Fun filled week playing traditional Big Sprouts field games as well as popular current favorites! Kick the Can, Minute to Win it, and a whole lot more. Let the games begin!

Week 5: Bon Appetit

It wouldn’t be summer without summer treats! Discover how your favorite summer snacks are made during this cooking themed week. Don’t forget your appetite!

Week 6: S’more Campling

Use your imagination to dream up a life in the great outdoors. Convert the classroom into a camp site: make a tent, eat s’mores, and tell campfire stories around the “fire”. Then, go on a scavenger hunt in the woods, find objects and build natural collages celebrating the joys of summertime.

Week 7: Silly Scientists & Engineering Fun

This is not your ordinary science lesson – welcome to the Big Sprouts Investigation Lab! Examine the inner-workings of scientific experiments, create exploding volcanoes and chemical reactions, and challenge your team to win a colossal Lego competition. Have fun building lava lamps, paper plane hovercrafts, toothpick & marshmallow castles and more. Be silly with your science!

Week 8: Summer Celebration

Shout out for “B-I-G” Sprouts! Show your spirit for summer by expressing what makes YOU special. Create a summer scrapbook, wear a crazy outfit, style your hair silly, paint your face, and express your inner-awesome. Party on with this end-of-summer celebration!