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35 years of laughter, learning, and love are sure to come hand-in-hand with some very memorable and defining moments. Maureen Bly, Executive Director of Little Sprouts Haverhill NECC, was kind enough to share a few memories that she has fondly looked back on over the years – read on for a taste of the warmth and support Little Sprouts has nurtured between staff and families over the years!

“Several years back, around the end of the year during winter break, a mother contacted me on behalf of her 10 year old son,” recalls Maureen. “Although they now lived in an entirely different town, her son’s one wish was to visit Ms. Heidi, a teacher he had grown fond of during his time at Little Sprouts. This young boy had been with us from infancy to preschool, yet he had left our program nearly 5 years prior. The fact that he remembered his time with Ms. Heidi so fondly was heartwarming all in itself, but his mother wanted to take it a step further and arrange the small reunion he had requested. Sure enough, this young gentleman arrived with a dozen red roses for his favorite teacher, and they spent an hour catching up. Witnessing their bond, which started at such an early age for this young boy, and observing how strong it still was five years later, was truly inspiring.”

And not all of these treasured moments are sealed into the Little Sprouts legacy – when prompted to share stories of moments that truly touched her as an educator, Maureen also spoke about an experience that has occurred in just the last two weeks!

“We have recently welcomed one child in particular who had a negative experience at her prior short-term placement,” says Maureen. “Her parents were naturally apprehensive and very careful about picking a new school, and, like all parents, wanted it to be nothing short of perfect for their child. After just two weeks at Little Sprouts, this little girl greeted her dad at pick-up and said, ‘thank you for finding me a new school, daddy.’ The gratitude didn’t stop there! We later heard at bath time that night, she thanked her mommy for sending her to ‘the best school ever’.”

Whether they are stories from our decade-spanning history, yesterday at pick-up, or next week at naptime, these are the moments that motivate the Little Sprouts staff every day. “I love it when families share these stories with me,” says Maureen. “It really makes my day, and serves as a wonderful reminder of why I do what I do every day, and why I love it so much.”

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