FRIENDS Friday – 9/8

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Welcome to an early morning installment of FRIENDS Friday! I hope the short week that officially launched the 2017-18 school year has been a great one for each of you. And… I hope everyone is recovering from the Pats travesty last night. Ouch.

On a brighter note, today’s message comes to us from our Lowell school, where ED Kim Simoneau shared a heartening parent testimonial with me that captures the essence of this period of transition for so many children and families:

“I wanted to write you an email and let you know how thankful my family and I are to have been able to have our daughter in such an amazing environment to help her prepare for Kindergarten. Every one of you at Little Sprouts have had a huge impact on our lives.

I would especially like you to know the impact Miss Catherine has had on our family, she is caring, kind hearted, patient, understanding and amazing to say the least! She helped not only my daughter through this journey but me as well. The impact she has had on us will forever be in our hearts.

I wrote her a quick text this morning letting her know to know to NEVER leave the daycare business, she is a huge asset to Little Sprouts!”

I love this celebration for a couple of reasons. First, it obviously demonstrates that Catherine personifies our Every Child Every Day value. This parent deeply appreciates the impact Catherine has had on her daughter and her family overall. I also love this because it brings to life our Real Passion value. Catherine clearly has it in spades – and we do hope that she always finds fulfillment as an early educator – but I extend this sentiment to each of you. The work you do MAKES A DIFFERENCE!! This family has been forever changed for the better because of Catherine, and so have the many, many friends each of you care for day in and day out. What you do matters – hugely. Please keep this thought in mind as you embrace the new friends in your classrooms and the spirit of this wonderful season of change.

Thanks, Catherine, for living our values!


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