FRIENDS Friday – 9/2

In Amesbury, FRIENDS Friday by Little Sprouts


Happy long weekend! I hope you enjoy a fun and rejuvenating three days.

For this afternoon’s celebration, I want to offer two celebrations: one that was shared with me and one that is personal. First, let me pass along a heartwarming note from Katie Gallant, a longtime Little Sprouts teacher who now works in the Home Office. Maureen Bly, Executive Director at Haverhill NECC, sent Katie’s note to me. She rightly points out that the Amesbury and NECC staff should be incredibly proud of the impact they have had on Katie’s family. Here is Katie’s note:

“I can’t believe I will be dropping off and picking up my last “Little Sprout” today. It has been almost 10 years of laughing and learning, and quickly became our home away from home. There aren’t words to express our gratitude for the love that my boys were given. From hands being held-to hugs at drop off-to back rubs at nap time-to “I love you’s” when we leave; Nathan and Benjamin knew they were always safe and happy. Ben is going to kindergarten reading sight words, counting to 100, and far more prepared to go than I could have ever expected! Thank you for the words of advice, lending a listening ear, and even at times being a shoulder to cry on! I have two happy and smart boys and all of the teachers who have taught them along the way will always have a place in my heart for helping me prepare them to take on the world 💙”

I’m sure this resonates with many of you the same way it does with me. Katie truly has experienced the feeling of Family First. And so have I.

Just like Katie, today marks a big transition for my family and me. For the last three years, we have entrusted Little Sprouts Amesbury with the care and development of our daughters. Next week, our girls will move to Haverhill West as our oldest ages up into Kindergarten. (For anybody keeping score, dad is NOT ready for this…) While we are hugely excited for this next phase of our daughters’ development, nothing will ever replace the experience we had at Little Sprouts Amesbury. From day one, under the leadership of Anna McMahon and Katie Adie (now leaders at North Andover and Stratham, respectively) and today under Lauren Matuozzi, we have been constantly impressed by the quality of the school. Naturally, though, it all boils down to the teachers. Our daughters have had the good fortune of learning from an incredible group of dedicated teachers. The truth is that it chokes me up just thinking about how in three short years (that flew by) these women have forever changed my daughters’ lives. Their lifelong love of learning – quite possibly the most important quality to bestow on a young mind – is due to the incredible work of these passionate educators. I want to take this opportunity to say with the utmost sincerity that our family will be forever grateful to each of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks, Team Amesbury and Team NECC, for living our values!