FRIENDS Friday – 9/7

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With the upcoming arrival of the weekend after a nice, short week comes some cooler temperatures! Enjoy the relief after enduring yet another heat wave.

For this week’s entry of FRIENDS Friday, I want to highlight a couple of unsung heroes we have behind the scenes here at Little Sprouts – Paula and Tash, our superstars in the finance department. While they work meticulously and persistently year round, their efforts are truly prevalent during the very-busy back-to-school season we now find ourselves in. The end of summer camp, combined with children returning to school, creates a workload that requires the diligence, attention to detail, perseverance and dedication that Paula and Tash have exhibited year after year. Add to that the annual tuition increases that must be supported and you have a true balancing act of important responsibilities that only two masters of finance could possibly handle.

It is through their determination to handle all of these tasks with their usual degree of accuracy and attention that Paula and Tash live the spirit of Every Family, Every Day. Dedicating the time needed for each and every family’s account and ensuring they are billed the correct amount allows our families to trust that their finances are in the most capable of hands, free of disruption. With so many families pursuing so many different schedules in 28 different schools, it is easy to forget the true magic these two are pulling off for Little Sprouts every day. Thank you, Paula and Tash, for supporting us so heavily in this regard, which allows ALL of us to perform our responsibilities!

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