FRIENDS Friday 9/28

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Hi everyone,

The end of September already! Can you believe it? This month has really flown by. It feels like just yesterday we were announcing the opening of our Medford school at the end of August. Fitting that we find ourselves coming full circle one month later, as we have just celebrated the opening of Little Sprouts Norwood!

Once again, it was a pleasure to witness all of the phases of opening another school go off without a hitch. The list of individuals who worked very hard to make sure this school was up and running as soon as possible is long, but a select few deserve special commendations. Alyssa Robinson, Nicole Bartlett, and our facilities team made up of James MacLean, Adrian Otero, and Mike Berard may have set a new Little Sprouts record by getting this entire school completely staged and setup within an astounding THREE days.

Heather Hunt, who will be the Education Coach at our Norwood school, has helped out immensely by working as a float at many of our neighboring schools, providing support and coverage as needed. Our Belmont, Natick, and Watertown schools could not have done it without all of your support these past few months! She is extremely excited to put down roots in Norwood and make it her new home. Thank you Heather.

Watching yet another Little Sprouts school open, ready to engage young minds with classrooms filled with laughter, love, and learning, is always exciting in its own right, but the buildup to the opening is its own unique pleasure. Witnessing all related staff pitching in wherever and whenever they can is the kind of Real Passion we thrive on, and it’s exactly why, after the exhaustive process of opening a new school is finally complete, we find ourselves full of confidence and renewed energy to open the next.

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