FRIENDS Friday 9/22

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Happy first day of fall!

While the brisk weather that accompanies this change of seasons is something that I always welcome, my appreciation for Mother Nature is tempered today by the devastation this particular hurricane season has brought upon many of our loved ones. Each of Harvey, Irma and Jose were tragic in their own right, but Maria has hit particularly close to home. Many members of the Little Sprouts family hail directly or indirectly from Puerto Rico, where Hurricane Maria has recently wreaked havoc. Very sadly, lots of Sprouts folks have loved ones who are immediately in harm’s way. I’m sure I speak for most of you when I say that my heart goes out to these individuals and their families.

In the spirit of empathy and acknowledgement, I want to bring this tragic situation to life a bit for you. Jullisa Declet, Executive Director in our Lawrence school, shared this earlier today:

“I wanted to give you a little look into what this is like for my teachers. This has affected many of my teachers. I also know that my school is not the only one that is affected. I have listened to stories of full houses being destroyed, and teachers who can’t even get ahold of their families. They are coming in and, although their hearts are in PR, they are here and giving their all to these children.”

What is most poignant in Julissa’s note is how her team, while hurting, is nevertheless honoring their commitment to care for their children. My sincere hope is that the hugs and smiles of children can comfort those who need it right now. Family First at its finest.

Our Little Sprouts family will keep all of you who are suffering in our thoughts and hearts. And please know that we extend heartfelt compassion for you and your loved ones.

With peace today,

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