FRIENDS Friday – 8/5

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I hope you are enjoying this beautiful August weather.

For today’s celebration, I want to share with you a personal experience I had just yesterday. As many of you know, I host a breakfast each month for our friends who are celebrating their anniversary of 3 or more years with Little Sprouts that particular month. It’s nothing fancy – just a chance for a small group of us to get together and talk openly about our experiences at Little Sprouts. While I always invite honest and open dialogue, at yesterday’s breakfast there was even more openness than usual. One of our friends shared with the group that she had been through a challenging experience in recent months. As you would expect, the group appreciated her sharing and we all endeavored to support her as much as we could. That said, I think we all left feeling a bit heavy, sad to have heard about her struggles.

In many ordinary companies, that’s exactly where the story would end. But not at Little Sprouts! Not at a place where Family First is a value not just spoken but truly lived. No, at Little Sprouts I walked into my office to find an email from one of the other friends (Kate Cannella, ED at Andover) who was at breakfast with us. Kate asked me for the name of the teacher who had shared her challenges with us. She told me that she and her fellow Andover friends who were at breakfast (Kim M. and Alexa R.) wanted to send flowers to their sister school friend. The hair is standing up on my arms just thinking about it! It takes a special group of people to buy a gift for a woman they had only met an hour earlier.

It probably won’t surprise you that the gesture was sincerely appreciated by the teacher. Here is what she mentioned to me in a note last night:

“I think that the girls from Andover need a shout-out. They went above and thought about someone that they have never worked with and made my day. This act of kindness just goes to show that we are a big family even if we don’t know every single teacher in each of the other centers.”

Thanks, Kate, Kim, Alexa and Andover friends, for living our values!


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