FRIENDS Friday – 8/4

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Hope you’re enjoying yet another sunny summer Friday!

Today is one of those days I get to recognize someone who, truly, should be recognized every single day for his contributions. Mr. Amin in Lawrence is amongst the most passionate and hard-working early educators I have had the pleasure of knowing. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is a message I received from Abby Nales, Education Coach in Lawrence.

“I have a teacher who is very shy so I won’t say their name. I just can’t go another day without sharing my story.

My daughter loves to try new things which includes every sport under the sun. She came to me telling me she wanted to play basketball and that she was talking about it with this teacher. Every day they would ask if I had signed her up because she really wanted to play. Well the day came that I said yes and this teacher became as excited as my child. They told me I needed to go buy her sneakers then handed me a twenty dollar bill and told me to use it towards her sneakers. As this was above and beyond what any teacher should do I was moved to tears. My story doesn’t end there. Every Wednesday and Friday the teacher would make a point to come in early to talk to my daughter about her games the night before. Well tonight after working a long day, this teacher (with my permission) came to her game. The look on my daughter’s face said it all for me. It meant so much to her and she hasn’t stopped smiling.

I am one parent that has been touched by this teacher. I’m one of many! I’m not the only parent I have seen them go above and beyond with. They treat each parent in the whole school like that parent is their best friend. This teacher takes interest in children who have long left their classroom. They encourage and build up the good in every child. I can tell you right now this teacher is Little Sprouts, this teacher deserves the highest honor we could ever give. I tell them all the time how grateful I am not only as their Education Coach but as one of their parents in the center.

I needed to share this with you because I know you know how amazing our Little Sprouts family is. It’s stories like this that make me love my job and make me want to continue to help each teacher grow.”

Suffice it to say that it was easy for me to guess who the anonymous teacher is. Despite the extraordinary nature of these gestures, it did not surprise me in the least that Amin would take time out of his busy personal life and money out of his wallet to lift the spirits of one of the friends in his classroom. That’s just the kind of teacher he is. He takes our Every Child Every Day value to a whole new level. We are ridiculously lucky to count Amin amongst our Little Sprouts family.

Thanks, Amin, for living our values!


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