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I am happy to take this opportunity to celebrate a longtime Little Sprouts teacher who is WAY overdue for a FRIENDS Friday acknowledgement. Rick M., or Mr. Ricky as he is known around Andover, has been a valued member of the Little Sprouts family for over 12 years. It is high time that he is recognized for the impact he has on the children in his care. Take a look at this note that I received from a parent earlier this week:

“My children, all three of them, have attended Little Sprouts for the past six years. My youngest son started in an infant room with Heather Guay, while my middle child was welcomed into toddlers and my oldest joined the after school program.

There are not words high enough for me to express the care, compassion, love, and consideration that the entire staff has held for my children and me. I have always felt as though my family was lucky to have Kate Cannella’s amazing team of teachers on my side, encouraging and pushing my children to be the best they can be in anything they are doing, from academic enrichment to teaching them empathy for a sad friend, there has never been a lesson too small or too big to be taught.

Although I have admired the dedication of all of the teachers my children have had while in the program, there is one teacher in particular who has really stood out for me. Not only did this teacher have both of my youngest children in pre-kindergarten, but also formed a relationship with my oldest son. To this day, my children are delighted to see and give a big hug to Rick. As an early childhood educator, and a positive male role model for the children, I truly believe that he is cut from another cloth. He is a very special person to our family.

Of course, I could go on and on naming each teacher that has impacted my children’s lives from Andover, but I think this email would be endless. I thank you graciously for giving me the opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for the staff.

Had it not been for my family changing cities, my children would have all completed the program available at Little Sprouts.”

I love this! Cut from a different cloth… how true! Rick has clearly made this family understand that he values Every Child Every Day.

Thanks, Rick and Team Andover, for living our values!



  1. Omg I remember mr Ricky I went to Little Sprouts Andover 9 years ago. I still have time when I look back on memories from little sprouts. One year we made giant planets. He also always gave me barrettes to clip back my hair since it always got in my face

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