FRIENDS Friday – 8/18

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Not even today’s torrential downpours could put a damper on the fun at the annual Big Sprouts Field Day. I had the pleasure of joining for part of the festivities and heard – not once, not twice but MANY times – a chant from the children that went something like this: “CARLOS!! CARLOS!! CARLOS!!” I then learned from Maureen Bly, Haverhill NECC Executive Director and summer camp extraordinaire, that 6-year Little Sprouts veteran Carlos Capellan wasn’t even working at Big Sprouts this summer. He was just showing up… as a volunteer!… sometimes taking personal days off work!… to be with the kids. Because, as Maureen told me, “he just loves them that much.” If that doesn’t scream Real Passion, I don’t know what does.

Thanks, Carlos, for living our values!


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