FRIENDS Friday – 8/24

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I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful, crisp Friday morning. The cooler start to the day feels as though Fall (and back-to-school!) is right around the corner. With a feeling in the air of the seasons changing, what better celebration to share this morning than that from Kate Canella of Andover, who recently reflected on a wonderful summer of Big Sprouts Camp:

Hi Melissa!

I wanted to acknowledge the Big Sprouts Directors and Counselors for a wonderful summer this year! Maureen, Heidi and all of the counselors really outdid themselves!

This summer was literally the smoothest and happiest one yet! My school age kids that attended came back each day happy and exhausted from their camp days! The summer was nothing but sunny, fun-filled days, without any issues or problems. The end of summer celebration was so fun to see all the kids from different schools playing together and enjoying themselves. Parents were happy to know their children were having so much fun. Camp was such a hit with the kids that last Friday, on the last day of camp, when the bus pulled in to drop off, many were crying because they knew camp was over. Even counselors were crying, and the kids hugged one another for support. It was truly a wonderful moment. Kudos to everyone at Big Sprouts!

– Kate

Wow. We certainly love all of the excitement that comes with back-to-school season, but given Kate’s description, it’s very hard to say goodbye to Big Sprouts Camp! It comes as no surprise that the children had what will certainly prove to be a very memorable summer. Each year, Maureen, Heidi, and all of the counselors put forth an outstanding amount of effort to the Big Sprouts experience, ensuring Every Child, Every Day, is having a wonderful time. From planning a wide variety of engaging, fun-filled activities to ensuring the safety and security of all the children, the Big Sprouts team demonstrates the Real Passion required to create such a radiant, lively, fantastic summer.

Summer camp as a young child tends to be an experience we look back at fondly, full of long-standing memories fostered during a carefree time of continuous joy. I would like to extend an enormous thank you to Maureen, Heidi, and their team – based on Kate’s reflection, it is clear they have lived our values and delivered another summer full of this immense positive impact once again.


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