FRIENDS Friday – 7/14

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I hope you’ve had a great week!

For today’s message, I am happy to acknowledge someone who just recently was a FRIENDS Friday nominator. It’s nice to now see her on the receiving end of a FRIENDS Friday nomination! I received this heartwarming celebration from Myah F. in our Woburn school:

“I wanted to tell you about the impact Ashley Pelletier has made on myself and the school as a whole. She brings such kindness in her smiles (which she never fails to wear every single day!). Ashley is a role model here at this school – she is a strong EC and with her amazing personality, she makes the hallways glow! She never fails to have the BEST intentions for all the children and staff here. Ashley continuously strives to ensure that all classrooms are confident and comfortable and are able to provide an caring and nurturing environment for our families here. She is knowledgeable about children and how to positively impact their education, which in turn helps us to better improve ourselves as Early Childhood Educators. Ashley can instantly take a negative and turn it into the greatest positives of all! I personally look up to her as a mentor and hope to one day follow in her footsteps. It just helps to know that there is always someone around the corner to be everyone’s ball of sunshine!”

Myah is spot on! Ashley is absolutely a ball of sunshine. She brings positive energy to Every Child Every Day. And she clearly makes a point of putting her Little Sprouts Family First.

Thanks, Ashley, for living our values!


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