FRIENDS Friday – 7/1

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I hope this finds you preparing for a fun and restful long weekend.

Speaking of a restful weekend, there are a couple of longtime Little Sprouts educators who have very much earned a little R&R the next few days. Heidi C. and Mackenzie C. have embarked upon a new challenge that represents uncharted territory not just for them but our organization overall.

As many of you know, our Big Sprouts summer camp program has been held on the campus of Northern Essex Community College for many, many years. Unfortunately, due to a large construction project on the college’s campus, we are not able to have camp there this year. Instead, the team, led by Maureen Bly, identified some creative solutions to ensure that this important program was not forced to lapse for the year.

The end result is that Big Sprouts is being hosted at two schools: North Andover and Haverhill West. This brings me back to our hardworking educators… Heidi, who normally teaches pre-K at Haverhill NECC, is overseeing the program from her station at North Andover. Mackenzie will remain at Haverhill West, where she teaches Kindergarten during the school year, but she will assume a much more significant leadership role of the expanded camp program there this summer.

Today marks the end of the first week of the program, and I am told it is off to a great start. Please join me in thanking Heidi and Mackenzie, as well as Maureen, for Innovating Always.


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