FRIENDS Friday – 7/13

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Happy gorgeous Friday! I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather and gearing up for what should be a beauty of a weekend.

Today’s message is somewhat unique in the sense that I have not one but two celebrations to share.

First, I learned yesterday that Jeannine M. in our Wilmington school got some fantastic news on Wednesday that she is cancer free!! While Jeannine is new to Wilmington, she is not new to Little Sprouts. She spent several years at Haverhill West before she got sick. Please join me in congratulating Jeannine on her wonderful clean bill of health!

Second, I want to acknowledge a longtime Little Sprouts leader for an unbelievable display of selflessness late last week. Kate Cannella, Executive Director at Andover IP, has long made a habit of helping out her sister schools. This in and of itself is worthy of celebration. But Kate took her servant leadership to a new level last Friday when she arrived unannounced at the Home Office to pick up some work that she knew the Finance team would be unable to complete without additional support. WHAT?!?! I mean, seriously, who does that?!? Talk about putting her entire Little Sprouts Family First!

Thanks, Kate, for living our values! And, congratulations, Jeannine, on your fantastic news!


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