FRIENDS Friday – 6/23

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Happy first Friday of Summer!

Today’s FRIENDS Friday message comes to us from Woburn. The school’s Education Coach, Ashley Pelletier, sent me a note earlier this week that clearly deserves to be shared with the entire Little Sprouts family. Without further ado, here is what I received from Ashley:

“I wanted to share with you an email that Ms. Daphne, our toddler 1 teacher here in Woburn, received last week after one of her students left the center:

Dear Daphne,
A very warm hug to you. Thank you for the heartwarming gift. It was a little hard for me to walk out of the school with my son. My eyes were moist and carrying him in my arms, he was wondering why I looked sad.

I still remember our first day at little sprouts. We were inexperienced parents and had seen quite a few daycares; but somehow it was the warmth and comfort provided by the teachers at Little Sprouts that convinced us to decide on it. It was because of this confidence in the care being provided by all of you at Little Sprouts that I was able to transition from a stay-home mom to a working mom.

As a new mom and dad, we have had many struggles, especially since he has entered the stage of being a toddler. You taught us how to welcome change, made it look easy and above all taught our son the basic skills of life; to walk, to run, to drink and especially to eat with a spoon and a fork. At his age, we were spoiled brats in India. We were always fed. My parents too realized that if taught, kids at this age can learn how to spoon feed themselves! His pictures speak volumes about the time of his life that he has spent and enjoyed at Little Sprouts. We used to look forward to receiving pictures from you, it was a favorite part of our day to connect with each other on phone and check out how much fun he was having. Little Sprouts has been a very special part of our life. You have given us so many beautiful memories, of a time that is pure and unadulterated ….or better way to put it would be …memories of our son being a little sprout! No matter where life takes us, I am sure, we are definitely going to be talking about all of you including Ms. Ashley, Ms. Myah, Stephanie, Susana, Sarah, Viji, Rosemarie, Tia , Cody, Emily and Anthony. We wish you all the very best in life.
Thank you for always smiling and offering a hug when our son used to walk in the door. You all made him feel welcomed, loved and safe.

Daphne exemplifies all of our F.R.I.E.N.D.S values here. Daphne is an absolute pleasure and leader in our school. She is always striving to do better for herself and for the school. She makes the parents and children feel like they are at home when they walk through our doors and cares for these children with the utmost love and respect. When Daphne received this email, she said to me ‘I can’t believe he isn’t going to walk through these doors again. I had him since he began here as an infant, and watched him grow and develop so much. It is so sad to see him go.’

They also refer to many of the other amazing educators that Woburn has the pleasure of working with. We in Woburn are a big family-and I couldn’t be more proud to say it!”

Thanks, Daphne and Team Woburn, for living our values!


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