FRIENDS Friday – 6/17

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I had the pleasure of spending part of my day in our Wilmington school today. For this week’s FRIENDS Friday, I am inclined to celebrate the whole school, which is brimming with enthusiasm for this afternoon’s graduation ceremony. Despite some recent challenges, the staff have stuck together to ensure that children and families continue to experience our Every Child Every Day value.

In addition, I want to specifically celebrate two teachers: Emily S. in preschool and Melissa B. in toddlers, both of whom have shown tremendous dedication to the school and our organization more generally. Emily has been a pillar of strength in the preschool wing and, though she will be leaving us next week, she does so in the most professional way possible. We have been lucky to benefit from her Real Passion, and we wish her well on all future endeavors. Melissa B. has been supporting not just the Wilmington toddler wing, but also our friends in Nashua who have been severely short-staffed. Melissa has selflessly made her way to Nashua on many occasions, and we are grateful for her Family First attitude.

Naturally, Wilmington is not the only school celebrating preschool friends who are moving on to new adventures. To all of you who are enjoying graduation ceremonies today and in the days to come, may you relish in the young lives you have forever changed for the better. Your work is inspiring to all of us who are fortunate enough to cross your path.

Much love and respect,

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