FRIENDS Friday – 5/5

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I hope that the force was with you yesterday and that today, if it’s your thing, you are enjoying a festive Cinco de Mayo. In continuing the celebration, I am very much looking forward to Teacher Appreciation Week.

Now, turning to our FRIENDS Friday message for this week, I would like to share an expression of teacher appreciation from a family at our Andover NEBC school. Heater Guay, ED, sent me this note that highlights the phenomenal work of preschool teachers Jessica and Jacky.

“I just wanted to acknowledge the great work that my daughter’s teachers do. She has learned a lot this school year and that is because of the curriculum and learning activities the teachers have created for her and her classmates. I want to express my sincere gratitude and let you know that their teaching skills have not gone unnoticed. I’m very grateful that my daughter has such effective teachers. Please keep up the good job and thank you for being such awesome teachers.”

It is clear that this family massively appreciates the dedication and professionalism of Jessica and Jacky. These two educators make it clear that their classroom is Not Daycare. They are educators, and that is apparent to all who have the pleasure of seeing them in action.

Thanks, Jessica and Jacky, for living our values!


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