FRIENDS Friday – 4/22

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For this week’s celebration, I am excited to share an inspirational story from our Director of Education, Kathy Hughes. Here it is, in Kathy’s words:

“The toddler staff at North Andover have children that are ready to go to preschool. Since our North Andover preschool classrooms are full, our toddler teams agreed to convert their classrooms into preschool rooms to meet the needs of their children, just until summer when transitions will occur. This included having the teachers attend a training to enhance their own knowledge. The staff were all energetic and enthusiastic learners. Each one showed excitement at what they can offer their young preschoolers. The passion and dedication was palpable. They inspire me!”

Kathy went on to inform me that it is these passionate educators who are Driving Growth by investing in both their own professional development as well as the development of the children in their care who are ready for the next step in their educational journey.

Kayla B. — Toddler 1
Alyssa S. — Toddler 1
Maggie M. — Toddler 3
Erin S. — Toddler 3

Thanks, Kayla, Alyssa, Maggie and Erin, for living our values!


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