FRIENDS Friday – 4/21

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Are you all getting excited for WOYC? I certainly am! It’s been fun to see all of the enthusiasm and preparation that has been going on over the course of the last few weeks. Our children are so lucky to be exposed to the experiences that you are preparing for them!

For today’s FRIENDS Friday celebration, I am excited to acknowledge not one, not two, but THREE fabulous educators at our Concord school and, by extension, the school overall. Let me start with a parent testimonial that Executive Director Maria DeVito shared with me:

“Doris and Tatjana are so good to Lydia… Lydia was acting up in class, I thought maybe it was because she wasn’t sleeping well, out of sorts, etc. Doris and Tatjana devised a plan for a sticker chart and pom-pom jar with a reward at the end. Each time she sleeps in her own bed Lydia puts up stickers and pom-poms into her jar. They also got her a prize on their own, after her first weekend of sleeping in her own bed. She has decided to have an ice cream party when her jar is full. I brought hoodies into the classroom this morning in preparation for filling the jar, probably by the end of the week… I knew Doris would buy them on her own and I didn’t want her to! Anyway, I know, you know they’re great, but it’s such an awesome classroom and they are so great to Lydia, I truly appreciate everything they do…now I know why other Mom’s say they’re happy to leave their kids in that classroom forever! :)”

When sending this to me, Maria rightly pointed out that Doris and Tatjana go above and beyond for Every Child Every Day!

Separately, I was informed by Director of Education Kathy Hughes of an inspirational story about Ana, a float in the school who started with Little Sprouts as an intern last year. As Kathy explained it to me, Ana had suffered with serious depression. Thankfully, Ana has emerged from her tribulations and is doing so well that she ran the marathon with her father on Monday. She and her dad wore green in support of demystifying mental illness. Her story was so inspiring that it was picked up by Channel 5! Rightfully so, her colleagues have been super supportive of her journey. Kathy told me that they created a gift basket to support her carbohydrate building for the marathon. The Concord team put their Family First by supporting one of their own who had fallen on challenging times. This story goes to show that nothing is insurmountable when love and support are present.

Thanks, Tatjana, Doris, Ana and all the loving educators at Little Sprouts Concord, for living our values!


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