FRIENDS Friday – 4/6

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Happy snowy April day. Blah…

On a cheerier note, I am really excited to celebrate a very unique Little Sprouts educator for today’s FRIENDS Friday. Lindsay M. serves in an interesting new role, as the first member of our Regional ECE Teaching Team (RETT). This is a group of super passionate and experienced teachers who spend time in a number of different schools, rather than being based in one particular Little Sprouts school.

While the concept itself is a really cool one, Lindsay has made the role particularly special. She has been busy Innovating Always! As Director of HR Erica R. told me, Lindsay now has raving fans all over the Little Sprouts universe. Here are a few testimonials about Lindsay’s contributions via the RETT program:

From Alison, Senior RD
Last week I hosted a training In Lowell and Lindsay was attending. There were so many people from different schools there raving about Lindsay. I have known Lindsay for several years so I knew how great she is. It was special to see firsthand in this unique role how much she is able to offer to not only children but teaches too!
From Tarah, EC in Concord
We went through a small staffing hurdle at our Concord school. I (the EC) was a toddler teacher for weeks and many times I worked alongside Ms. Lindsay. Lindsay came and supported our Concord school many times during this period. She would arrive early and jump right into the classroom, she was very friendly and got along great with all the teachers and especially the children. Lindsay was able to pick up on the daily schedule and go with the flow of the day as though she was one of our own! Her dedication to supporting Concord made a huge difference not only to us, but also provided some consistency for our families! We want to send a huge Thank You to Lindsay for her support, we will miss seeing her here at Concord!

From Tracy, ED in Belmont
Lindsay has been such a BIG help to Belmont. She has not only won over the parents, she has also made connections with the children. She may only come once a week or maybe once a month but the children remember her every time she is here. Lindsay is ALWAYS reliable and efficient. The day just flows easier when she is in the building. We laugh about LOTS together. Lindsay you deserve this FRIENDS Friday because you are an AMAZING teacher and a kind soul. BELMONT REALLY appreciates you! Thank You J

Thanks, Lindsay, for living our values!


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