FRIENDS Friday 4/26

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Hi Everyone,

A very happy rainy Friday to you all. It’s been quite soggy out lately, but at least it is helping Spring break through – and May is right around the corner!

Today’s celebration revolves fully around Crystal Daykin, a toddler teacher at Little Sprouts Brighton who, as you are about to find out, is absolutely adored by everyone who comes into contact with her. After today, Crystal will depart for her maternity leave, with the hope that when she returns, she will start anew at a Little Sprouts school closer to her home.

Taniquea Foster, Executive Director of Little Sprouts Brighton, kicks off the celebration:

I know a few of my staff have sent along a few words for Crystal, who is moving out of the Boston area and would like to seek a transfer to a location closer to her new home. Crystal is an amazing teacher. I am heartbroken that she is leaving us but at the same time, I’m excited to see her bring her talents to another center. And her talents are PLENTY:

F – Crystal exhumes our Family First Value. She is not only a teacher but a mother, too. They way in which she interacts with her son is the same love and passion she has for the children in her classroom.

R – Crystal has shown what ‘Real Passion’ is by encompassing the value of Early Childhood Education. Simply walking into Crystal’s room shows the level of passion she brings into the classroom.

I – Crystal would often seek out and find items that were age appropriate and inexpensive for her classroom. This past fall Crystal and her co-teacher made a ‘Busy Board’ for their kiddos. They had every little gadget perfect for little fingers, from a light switch, to a zipper, to a door bell and even a few fidget spinners. Innovating Always – that’s Crystal!

E  & N – No matter what toddler classroom Crystal was in, you knew by simply walking in that she embodies the values of Every Child, Every Day and Not Daycare. You knew a tremendous amount of learning was happening every day for every child.

D – Crystal greets families by introducing herself, followed by a firm hand shake and ending with a loving smile. Families often expressed how they enjoyed meeting Crystal or simply watching her interact with the children at circle time. She shows that she is constantly Driving Growth, both personally and professionally.

S – Often times when conducting toddler tours, families would immediately fall in love with Crystal’s classroom, asking me if there was available space to enroll their child into that classroom. I’m not sure it’s possible to Show Results quicker than this!



Wow! Crystal nails ALL of our values! Inspiring, isn’t it? But, the praise doesn’t stop there. Renika Foster, Education Coach at Little Sprouts Brighton, also had plenty of kind words to share:

Good Afternoon Melissa,

I am new to Little Sprouts but I wanted to acknowledge one of our toddler teachers. In the few short months that I have been here, Crystal has demonstrated the feeling of excitement that we all as early educators have when teaching. Crystal is without a doubt one of the best toddler teachers I have seen in my 16 year career in early childhood education. Here in Brighton, we can always count on Crystal to arrive early for her shift and have her curriculum planned weeks in advance, not to mention the fun that her students have in Toddler 3 every day! My second week here I have had several families come to me and say how awesome Crystal is and how sad they were that she would be leaving on maternity leave soon. We can also count on Crystal to help the leadership team in any way she can, no matter what the situation. She also mentors many of our new teaching teams to make our toddler program the best that it can be. We are extremely sad to see Crystal leave Brighton but we are happy to share her with another Little Sprouts as she will be moving soon. I would love to shine the spotlight on Crystal as she is AMAZING in every sense of the wordJ

So very, very well said. Crystal, it is more than clear that you have made an incredible impact on your coworkers and teammates. Thank you for everything you have done not only for the children in our care, but also for your infectious inspiration, dedication, and compassion that has motivated your teammates. We all wish you nothing but the best on your maternity leave, and hope to have you back in one of our schools soon!

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