FRIENDS Friday – 4/20

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Happy SUNNY Friday!

I am excited to share a story that I heard this week from longtime Regional Director, Alyssa Robinson. Here is what Alyssa told me:

“Yesterday our newest school, Little Sprouts Natick, had their first visit with their licensor since being open. She is a new licensor that has not worked with Little Sprouts before. Needless to say, we did not know what her visit would entail or what she would be looking for. To say the school blew it out of the water is an understatement! The licensor said the school was beautiful and she was so excited to see a “Little Sprouts” in action. She then spent time in each classroom where she said she was “thoroughly impressed” with the teacher-child interactions and the classrooms themselves. She spoke to Susan about the children being so engaged that they didn’t even come up to her to see what she was doing. This is a HUGE accomplishment!

I want to say how proud I am of our Natick school. You all are working so hard and it looks and feels like a true Little Sprouts.”

It certainly appears that Alyssa is justified in being proud of our friends in Natick. They are clearly Not Daycare! But you don’t have to take it from her… here is an excerpt from a RAVING FAN in Natick that I received just yesterday:

“I can’t tell you how fortunate we feel to have found Little Sprouts. After having bad experiences at two separate daycares, Little Sprouts has been a blessing. I truly believe the warm and caring environment is what’s helping our daughter thrive. We absolutely adore her teachers and she obviously loves them. Nothing makes me happier than dropping her off and seeing her run into their arms for a hug. They are so patient and loving. They provide excellent feedback to us as parents and are constantly checking in and keeping in contact. I can’t say enough great things about Nicole and Danielle.

One of the major issues we had at our last daycare was management style. It was run as a business with no warmth or caring to foster relationships with the parents or kids. It’s night and day at Little Sprouts. Susan and Jessica are absolutely wonderful. Our daughter loves them as well. My husband and I own an accounting firm and have been going through tax season the past couple months. There were many days she was the last child there but was always happy when I picked her whether she was playing with the evening teacher or hanging out with Miss Susan. They took an interest in taking extra good care of her during a very busy time for us.”

It is clear that our friends in Natick truly understand the importance of supporting Every Child Every Day.

Thanks, Susan, Jessica, Michelle, Ayla, Nicole, Danielle and all of Team Natick, for living our values!


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