FRIENDS Friday – 4/19

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Hello Friends,

Yay for Friday! I hope everyone has fun plans for a wonderful weekend!

This week, I want to acknowledge all the effort that goes into onboarding new staff, and celebrate the classrooms and members of our team that have become tried and true candidates to lead some of these efforts. Providing real, hands on experience is an essential aspect of onboarding a new member of Little Sprouts (as you all know!), and it is important to give a living sense of the Real Passion that goes on in our classrooms early in the onboarding experience. Teachers that have truly gone above and beyond in their dedication to training new staff include our preschool team in Lawrence, Alba in Wilmington, and Kelly, Julia, Vic, and Jaynelle in Haverhill West.

Our Education Coaches have also been essential to the onboarding process, imparting the importance of our curriculum and the dedication and passion that is required in order to present it effectively, day in and day out. A huge thank you is due for Kathy Shanahan, Claire McMullen, Karla Capellan, Myah Folland, Jenn Peek, Heather Hunt, Tarah Fitzgerald, Kelsey Flannigan, and Darneesha McGuffie.

Finally, it should be noted that the process of bringing a new Executive Director into Little Sprouts is no exception – this important role requires a balancing act of responsibilities, and preparing a new candidate for everything that it entails can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, we have the help of Executive Director Karen Silvia in Dedham, who has assisted in the ED onboarding process multiple times, helping our new directors settle into their roles with ease.  

There are a lot of reasons that Little Sprouts is special, but some of them cannot be put into words – they need to be taught, or demonstrated, by members of our team that live our values every day. And if there is one thing I am sure of, we are luckily in no short supply of such passionate educators. Thank you all for helping to bring new members into the Little Sprouts family!

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