FRIENDS Friday – 3/30

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Happy almost April!

For today’s FRIENDS Friday celebration, I am sharing a fantastic parent testimonial I received from our Arlington school earlier this week. Here is a note from a very satisfied mom to the school’s Executive Director, Erika DeGregorio.

“I just wanted to thank you for another lovely evening yesterday. The Game Night was so fun. All of the teachers did such a great job in preparing thoughtful learning activities for their students. My daughter’s teachers—Jen, Fabrice, and Sapana—had Pete the Cat inspired games, always a big hit with her age group. I am always so impressed with how much they do and are able to teach her.

Walking around the other classes, I also got to see the amazing activities going on. It’s really great to see how the curriculum develops and adapts for the different ages. The evening also gave us another opportunity to connect as a school community. My daughter was really excited, especially since she had already had so much fun at Multi-Cultural Night (this was also a wonderful event; I particularly appreciated this because I am really committed to her learning about people from all over the world). She and her friends were all smiles!”

It is apparent that Game Night at our Arlington school was much more than just a fun experience for children and adults alike. Rather, it also served as yet another opportunity to demonstrate the depth of learning that goes on in our schools. This experience left mom without any doubts that the passionate educators in Arlington are committed to their school being Not Daycare!

Thanks, Erika, Jen, Fabrice, Sapana and all of Team Arlington, for living our values!


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