FRIENDS Friday – 3/29

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Happy last Friday of March, Friends! This week, we are excited to celebrate a very special and important member of our home office team: Kim Calvin, Regional Education Teaching Team Coordinator. Our Director of Human Resources, Erica Reed, is bursting with pride when describing Kim’s impact at Little Sprouts:

As our RETT (Regional Education Teaching Team) Coordinator, Kim works tirelessly as she supports all of our schools with their daily schedules. It’s inspiring to see how she juggles the coordination of her team as they are deployed to varied schools. As if that wasn’t enough, Kim also interviews new potential team members, works closely with local substitute agencies, supports the HR team with references, handles all home office files and, to top it off, she is in ratio 2-4 days per week. She does not hesitate to jump into ratio or travel upwards of 90 minutes to assist a school.  

Another fun fact about Kim: she is a boomerang employee, meaning she worked for us back in in 2000 for 8+ years as a toddler teacher (and an amazing one at that). When Kim applied for the RETT Program Coordinator, I knew we have the best person for the job, we were thrilled to welcome her back!

Kim’s value to our team cannot be understated. As we have continued to grow and add more locations, the balancing act of ensuring all of our schools are fully staffed everyday has become more challenging. The addition of Kim has turned what used to be a very difficult burden into a much more manageable situation. When we considered this position, we knew we would need a candidate that lived and breathed the value of Every Child, Every Day – no matter which school happens to be in need on any particular day, the RETT Program Coordinator would need the dedication and drive to ensure the needs of the school was met. Just as Erica describes, we scored a massive home run when we were blessed with the addition of Kim: the way she manages and balances her many important responsibilities is incredibly admirable. Thank you, Kim!

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