FRIENDS Friday – 3/23

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Happy first Friday of Spring! We’ve made it!

Today’s FRIENDS Friday is amongst the most inspiring I can remember. It comes to us from longtime Senior Regional Director, Alison Boucher. Here is the message I received from Alison earlier today:

“I would like to share a heartwarming story about my ED in Lowell, Kim Simoneau. In December, Kim shared with me that she and her husband, Rusty, were starting the process of becoming foster parents. This had been something Kim and Rusty had talked about for years. Their three daughters were becoming young adults, and Kim expressed a desire to give love and stability to a child in need. At this time, Kim was simply learning the process by taking classes through the Department of Children and Families. Kim’s intention seemed to be to receive her foster license sometime in the future.

Fast forward to late February- Kim called to let me know that she was about to work closely with DCF and with approval of her license, was considering taking an immediate placement. Not only was Kim and her family considering opening their home to a child, and sooner than expected, they were going to be caring for FOUR young siblings. The four children are all under the age of 7, three boys and a girl who is the oldest. The children are enrolled at Kim’s school and were being removed from their current foster placement and were likely going to be separated. Kim was losing sleep at night knowing, after all these children had already endured in their lives, the devastation being separated would have on them.

With the blessing of her family, Kim and DCF expedited her license and since the beginning of March, Kim has become the legal foster parent to these children. While she is naturally exhausted, hearing all that she is doing to help establish a secure and loving environment for her expanded family is absolutely amazing and inspiring. Kim and her family have created daily routines for her tribe, introduced them to experiences we sometimes take for granted like baking cookies, having a movie night, and visiting a farm. The Real Passion Kim has for the wellbeing of these children is incredible. While these children will have challenges for some time, it is deeply moving to listen to Kim’s excitement when she talks about the little strides such as sleeping through the night peacefully, at least until 5 am! I have great admiration for Kim and her family for the courage they have demonstrated by welcoming their home to help others.”

I don’t think there is anything I can add to what Alison said… she articulated it perfectly: Kim’s courage and Real Passion for supporting children is indeed admirable and inspiring.

Thanks, Kim, for living our values!


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