FRIENDS Friday 3/15

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Happy sunny Friday, Friends,

52 degrees and climbing! We are even supposed to hit 60 today; it truly feels like spring! It’s still a little early to say we have made it, but this is a good sign…

Today’s entry comes from an email our Executive Director of Methuen, Meg Cahill, received. Once a family has completed their first 30 days with us, we send them a “check-in” email to get a feel for how their experience has been so far. Since we are all busy, not all families respond, but occasionally they are inspired to share valuable feedback:  

Good morning Meg,

Yes, I would love to share my experience. So far since Ava has started, everyone has gave me a warm welcome and to Ava as well. It was very hard for me to switch her daycare and I went to multiple daycares trying to find the right one and came across you guys, and let me tell you I am so grateful I have come across this site. I enjoy receiving pictures and daily notes while I am at work it puts me more at ease to see Ava doing so great and she’s enjoying every minute there with everyone. Also she has learned so much already and talking so much more since! I am the definition if a happy mom with you all! Thank you again for making me feel welcomed and comfortable and most importantly making Ava feel at home.

This parent’s warm sentiments are an example of some of the best feedback we can receive. Given an open forum to express how she feels about Little Sprouts after her first month, this mom was bursting with wonderful things to say. She beautifully illustrates that the amazing work of our teachers extends well beyond the classroom; while our main, direct priority is caring for children, it takes the Real Passion our teachers bring to work every day for our families to feel peace of mind when away from their little ones. Dedicated teachers make happy children, which makes happy families – it’s clear that while the job of a teacher takes place in a classroom, the effects ripple out into the world in many ways, every day. To say teachers are “important” is an understatement!

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