FRIENDS Friday – 2/12

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For our message this week, I would like to celebrate all of our friends in Dedham. For starters, last week I received an impassioned nomination from the school’s Executive Director, Karen Silvia. But, also, I was made aware of this article that showcases just how exceptional these educators are. It is evident that our team in Dedham makes sure their community knows that they are Not Daycare!

Here is Karen’s nomination:

“I’d like to nominate my entire Dedham team for FRIENDS Friday. There’s not any one particular reason for this, but many. Dedham has been short staffed often in the past; however the last six months have been pretty tight here. My team has definitely risen to the challenge. Every single team member has gone above and beyond to help make it work. Whether it’s coming in early, skipping breaks, or staying late they have come together to help keep ratios and our school functioning top notch. Many teachers have had long days, but they realize help is needed and make it work. I’ve had teachers come to me saying I know today is tight, I will reschedule my appointment for you. When someone isn’t feeling well, the teachers work together to help figure out how they can go home, even if it means teachers going to other classrooms, skipping breaks and staying late. They respect each other and work as such a team, which is refreshing. The results Dedham has been getting is due to each and every staff member here, they know I have high standards, and work their hardest to meet them and not let me down. We’ve had amazing 360 scores and although every month we have been so close we’ve finally scored 100% on Monday Morning checklists for the last two months in ALL rooms!!! They’re so committed to our curriculum that the only time they complain about having to fill in in other rooms, etc. is when it affects them getting their job done. Last Friday was the end of a month and they had to prepare for a new curriculum month, and Monday morning checklist, and we had four teachers out sick. There had to be a lot of moving teachers around, especially during nap time when the teachers work on curriculum and getting ready for their Monday morning check list. The only thing everyone was worried about was not having enough time to prepare for the following week, and new theme. I had teachers coming to me stressed and upset that everything might not be ready to go. I told them to relax, if we have to we will do the check on Tuesday; however everyone got their work done on time. I’m so proud of my team and want them all to know I love and appreciate everything they do on a daily basis. You Rock team Dedham!!”

Thanks, Team Dedham, for living our values!


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