FRIENDS Friday – 2/9

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For today’s celebration, I am happy to share a story from one of our Home Office friends. Dave, a proud member of our Sales team, shared this note with me about his experience in our Wilmington school that I found to be nothing short of inspiring.

“I just wanted to share some feedback I received when meeting a parent last night !

After I introduced myself to Elizabeth (mom picking up her toddler) she made it a point to praise how amazing Little Sprouts Wilmington is and also how amazing Erin and another teacher have been (forget her name I’m sorry!!) She said they came to visit her after she had her baby and it made her feel so good inside! She also shared that she was unsure and sad along with many other emotions of bringing her children back because of how much she would miss them, but between Erin and other friends at Wilmington she knew she was making the right decision by bringing her children back to Little Sprouts and that it was comforting knowing we have such great people there.

I noticed Erin’s face a few times during this conversation and you could tell how much it truly meant to her! I also got to experience how great Erin is first hand while assisting her in her Toddler classroom.

It feels great knowing I work for such a great company with such amazing and influential people.”

I gather from Dave’s conversation with this mom that she has experienced firsthand the power of our Every Child Every Day value. The passionate educators in Wilmington have made her feel like they are an extension of her family. Real Passion and Family First all the way!

Thanks, Erin and Team Wilmington, for living our values!


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