FRIENDS Friday – 2/8

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Happy Friday, Friends!

Looks like we are in for a soggy start to the weekend, but anything is better than snow, right? Finding ourselves at the end of another week comes one of my favorite activities – sorting through wonderful nominations for FRIENDS Friday. Every week is a unique story and situation, consistently showing that our large Little Sprouts family is full of passionate innovators. This week finds a director and several of her teachers in the spotlight, but not from a parent; the nomination comes from David Kaye, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists here in the home office:  

Hi Melissa,

I wanted to share a story about an exceptional experience I had at our recent Medford Recruitment Open House Event on 2/5/2019. This open house was, by far, our most successful open house event to date. If I could be honest, it reminded me of when Medford Little Sprouts set the stage for all Little Sprouts Grand Openings due to its incredible recruitment success. While Missy Raduazzo held a ton of responsibility during our grand opening, I’m happy to report that at this event, Missy Raduazzo, Katie-Leigh Turgiss, Jessica Barrows and Ashley Butler all showed Real Passion and Innovating Always to help recruitment host the most top rated open house event.

Originally, Recruitment didn’t have the bandwidth to commit to fully supporting this open house event. In the face of adversity, these employees went out of their way to work and communicate through Facebook over the weekend to friends from other centers. At last night’s event, due to the team-work within Medford, and minimal recruiting department effort, we had 8 pre-registered interviews, all 8 individuals showed up, and 8 offer letters are currently moving through the process, at this time.

I arrived to the event ready to set everything up from scratch. But upon my arrival, I saw that the school had all the tables, chairs, clipboards ready to go. Missy, Katie-Leigh, Jessica and Ashley all happily stayed with me until 8:45pm in the evening to make sure the flow of the event remained successful during our peak times. This, along with Missy’s evaluations through mid-night is a selfless service that Little Sprouts is lucky to have, and that I am personally proud to be working with.

I would like to nominate Missy, Katie-Leigh, Jessica and Ashley for Friends Friday due to these impeccable reasons.

Thank you,

David Kaye

While our recruitment team is extremely talented and second-to-none, to say they are busy is an understatement. As much as they would like to, they are simply unable to support every recruitment endeavor that may be occurring at any given time. It is very admirable that David was able to make himself available to lend support at the last minute, and what he then witnessed was an inspiring example of Driving Results. Just as David suggests, Missy and her team should be commended for harnessing the spirit and dedication they have for their school into a very successful, high-energy recruiting effort. I have no doubt the passion that drove this event was alive and well throughout the evening, inspiring all of the candidates that arrived and building excitement over a potential career at Little Sprouts. Thank you Missy, Katie-Leigh, Jessica, and Ashley!

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