FRIENDS Friday – 2/23

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Happy last Friday in February! We are getting there…

Today’s FRIENDS Friday acknowledgment comes from our Merrimack, NH school where a seemingly tremendous family event was held last night.

Janet, one of our home office friends, passed along this post from the Merrimack school’s Facebook page:

“Thank you for putting on such an amazing event! Being able to spend quality time with the teachers and other parents was very rewarding. We are blessed to have such a fabulous school for our kids. Our daughter and son are excited to go to school in the morning and always in wonderful moods when it’s time to go home. Both kids are showing rapid emotional growth and progressing very well through their stages of learning and this is due in large part to the skill and attention provided by the Little Sprouts team. Our daughter and son are recognized and acknowledged by the entire staff on a regular basis which is a direct reflection of the degree to which each and every team member is involved with the daily success which is TRUE childcare. I trust this team without concern and in our complicated world, that is not easy! Thank you Susana and Jordan for being great leaders.”

There is SO much about this testimonial that should be celebrated…. I don’t even know where to start. What comes through loud and clear is that this family has super high trust in the school. It’s also obvious that they believe strongly that their children are constantly being loved AND being developed. That is a powerful combination and very much at the heart of what we promise to the families we serve… a promise that says we are Not Daycare, as we ensure a positive experience for Every Child Every Day!

Thanks, Susana, Jordan and Team Merrimack, for living our values!