FRIENDS Friday – 2/22

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Happy sunny Friday to you all! Earlier this week was President’s Day, the day we set aside annually to offer parents a designated time to review the incredible progress and development their children have experienced under your diligent care. I hope you all were able to connect with the families in your care and speak about all the results of your very hard work!

In that spirit, this week’s FRIENDS Friday nomination comes from Nicole Bartlett, Regional Director of Education, who wants to applaud every single one of you:

I want to acknowledge EVERYONE’S efforts – all of our teachers, Executive Directors and Education Coaches – in learning our new Kaymbu assessment system. This assessment system is important: it highlights the strengths of each child and the meaningful lessons we teach through play, bringing the hard work our teachers do to life in a real, tangible way. The Kaymbu assessment system shows that one of our most important values – that we are Not Daycare, and that we are so much more – could not be more true. The way that our driven, passionate, motivated teachers dove into this new system only proves this even more.

Transitioning to new systems can be overwhelming and difficult, and the decision to switch from TSG to the new Kaymbu system was no different. It was wonderful to see all of you embrace this change with such motivation and determination (but not a surprise!).  Thank you all for taking the time and effort to manage this undertaking. At the end of every day, we are able to rest assured that we have just put in another day’s worth of extremely valuable and important work – it certainly doesn’t hurt to be able to show the amazing results of it as well!

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