FRIENDS Friday – 2/15

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Friday is here, yahoo! I hope everyone was able to safely navigate the storm we had earlier this week. It seems we are tip-toeing through winter without too much snow hassle so far…

This week’s entry is of a certain kind that I absolutely love; when a team is so rounded-out and wonderful that it’s nearly impossible to single out one all-star member from the entire bunch. In that spirit, Karla Capellan, Education Coach at Little Sprouts Lawrence, has nominated her entire team:

Little Sprouts Lawrence has been my home for 11 years now. I was promoted to Education Coach about 8 months ago and, looking back, I’m not sure I could have gone through that change without my amazing teammates. The teachers at Little Sprouts Lawrence are so devoted and passionate about our school – it’s INSANE! From the feedback from parents for literally every one of our teachers, to the EIs who catch glimpses of the classrooms about one hour a week, the message is always the same: our team is nothing short of incredible. With that, I want to extend an enormous thank you to our group of teachers – you all bring an enormous amount of love and passion for our school, and I wouldn’t change a thing about any one of you. We always have each other’s backs, and that’s what teamwork is all about!


Our Lawrence school is always over-flowing with the Real Passion that Karla describes here. This group of outstanding educators consistently demonstrates a cohesive mindset of positivity and support that is truly infectious. They have proved that when a team lives by our value of Family First in all of their responsibilities, no matter how big or small, it elevates each member on an individual level to be their best self. Karla has captured the spirit of our Lawrence school beautifully; the example they set constantly inspires us next door here at the home office. Thank you, Team Lawrence, for proving that the old saying is the absolute truth – “there’s no ‘I’ in team!”

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