FRIENDS Friday – 12/30

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Happy long weekend! Wishing you all the best as we look forward to 2017!

For the last FRIENDS Friday of 2016, I am happy to share a celebration about our Belmont school that I just heard today. Here is what Executive Director Heather Sullivan had to say about her fabulous colleagues:

“I just wanted to share with you how amazing the teachers here have been this week. Our numbers were low due to the holidays. Instead of relaxing a little and taking advantage of the quiet week, they have all kicked it into high gear. They completed all of their TSG’s in preparation for the conference day in January, they worked on curriculum, they cleaned and organized storage areas that have not been done in quite a while, and in general worked together as an amazing team. I am so proud of them and, more importantly, they are all proud of themselves!”

It is clear that these educators take enormous pride in their work and their school. Whereas some “daycare” employees would have sluffed off during the quiet week, these teachers seized the opportunity to prepare their school for the new year. Their focus on curriculum and TSGs says it all: they are Not Daycare!

Thanks, Team Belmont, for living our values!


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