FRIENDS Friday – 1/22

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Our longtime friend Nicole A. sent me a note last week from Kayla B. in our North Andover school. Kayla, a teacher in North Andover, felt passionately that her school’s Education Coach, Noemi M., should be recognized for the profound impact she has had on the school in a relatively short period of time. Here is an excerpt from Kayla’s message to Nicole:

“I’m sure you have found out for yourself how great of a person Noemi is, but at North Andover, we feel blessed to have her be a part of our team. She has learned so much so quickly and become a rock for the teachers. The things she has implemented into our curriculum and greater coaching plans have been amazing. She makes everything so clear and if we are ever uncertain about something, she helps us to understand. Her second week at Sprouts, she told me that one of her biggest goals was to make sure the teachers are taken care of. She has shown this in so many ways. She cleaned out a back room that we have to make it a break room. She even brought an extra couch that she had… I speak for all of North Andover Little Sprouts when I say that Noemi is an amazing asset to have in our family.”

I couldn’t say it better myself. Noemi is obviously a leader who puts her Little Sprouts Family First!

Thanks, Noemi, for living our values!


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