FRIENDS Friday – 12/7

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Happy chilly Friday! I hope everyone is looking forward to a warm and cozy weekend. For this week’s Friends Friday entry, I want to share a submission I received from Cheryl Nocera, from our Wilmington school:

Hello Melissa,

It was so nice meeting you the other day. I wanted to write about someone who is really special at Little Sprouts of Wilmington.

Robin is very kind everyday and has a smile. She makes Little Sprouts welcoming. Robin is a very busy person being the Director and she always finds time to answer any questions or concerns. She helps when I need help, and support when I need support.

Robin is like a big kid herself when she is covering in a classroom playing with the children.

She is one of the big reasons I love working here.


Cheryl A Nocera

This wonderful reflection of Robin’s leadership at our Wilmington school is very inspiring. Although the many responsibilities of our Executive Directors make it a very demanding role, it is clear that Robin recognizes a day in the life of her teachers is also just as big of a whirlwind. Taking the time to ensure her hardworking team is supported at every turn with a Family First attitude, and her ability to transform into silly and fun playmate when she is needed in a classroom, truly demonstrates the shifting demands that need to be met in this field of work, and that we are most certainly Not Daycare. Thank you, Robin, for setting a fantastic example, and thank ALL of you, Little Sprouts teachers, for passing on that example to the children in your care every day!

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