FRIENDS Friday 12/22

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Happy snowy Friday before a much-anticipated long weekend. I hope you are each looking forward to a peaceful and rejuvenating few days with loved ones.

Speaking of loved ones, I learned yesterday of a heartwarming relationship between two of our longtime friends: Miss Lily and Miss Maura, toddler teachers in our Lowell school. Certainly, many of you have the privilege of working alongside a co-teacher who you consider more than a colleague – a friend, a trusted confidante, maybe even a kindred spirit. It is this sort of deep-rooted, loving relationship that Maura and Lily enjoy.

So… you might ask… what makes their relationship worthy of a FRIENDS Friday recognition?

Well, it turns out these co-teachers have been together in their toddler room for more than 10 years straight! You heard that right: Lily and Maura have been a toddler teaching team for more than a decade. It will be 11 years in May. WOW!

But you don’t have to take my word for this being a remarkable accomplishment. Their EEC licensor, Dan Hoyt, visited recently and told them that as far as he knows their 10+ years together is a record in Massachusetts. Talk about Showing Results!

Thanks, Lily and Maura, for living our values!


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