FRIENDS Friday 12/15

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In this festive holiday season, I want to share with you a story that embodies all of the goodness of this time of year: generosity, love and the recognition that each of us is a part of a greater humanity.

Our story takes place at the Lowell Collaborative Preschool Academy. That program, as you may know, serves children whose families are often in need. Many of the families are new to the country and have arrived with very little. One such family became known to certain members of the LCPA staff during a visit to the child’s home a few weeks ago. The staff discovered that the house had almost no furniture and hardly any materials to prepare food. Now, those individuals could have simply moved on to the next visit. But, as it turns out, they happen to be passionate early educators who care deeply about the children and families in their care. So, rather than moving on, our story really begins here and takes a heartwarming turn toward inspirational!

Our friends came back to LCPA and reported what they observed. And… then… the flame of passionate generosity was ablaze! It seems the entire program – and then the broader Little Sprouts family – sprang into action. Donations were requested. But what they received was no ordinary donation… it was an outpouring! Support was sought for delivering the goods. And, of course, members of our broader family selflessly volunteered to chip in. On Tuesday, this family is going to receive far more than they ever could have hoped for after an unassuming visit from their child’s early education center. They will be given furniture, clothes, kitchen appliances and more… all the way down to a Christmas tree and stockings (for all 7 children!).

I trust you will agree with me when I say that the folks at LCPA and beyond who have contributed to this family are Not Daycare. They are, as that value says, “so much more”.

Thanks, Team LCPA and all from elsewhere in the Little Sprouts family who jumped in. Each of you is living our values!


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